Investor Spotlight: Tom McAlear, Advisory Board Member & Angel Investor

Tom is the former COO of DaimlerChrysler Services and retired in 2002 after over 27 years in the industry. He held executive management positions in sales, service, marketing, insurance and financial services. He has been an owner of a multi-franchised car dealership and currently is Chairman and part owner of several supplier companies.

How could CarLabs solution benefit the automaker & the dealer?
Carlabs is tremendously helpful for the ⅔ of shoppers that don’t know even what make or model they want. It also has significant benefits once the consumer further along in the shopping process. I was recently at a new car dealer with my daughter and the salesman kept saying “I dunno, I’ve only been here two weeks.” The CarLabs solution would make sure the automaker’s product advantages were communicated effectively and the dealer can deliver better customer service with a product expert in every sales person’s pocket.

What makes this team special in your eyes?
Their passion. I think it’s a combination of their intellectual knowledge on where software can take people in the future and the fact that they really know cars.

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